At The Table With ... Rachel Robshaw

Name: Rachel Robshaw

Vocation: Mother (for the past 11 months), photographer of interiors, home world.    


Current Coordinates: Lower East Side and Sharon, Connecticut.            

How do you 'set the table'?  The meal dictates what I do. It may be one big beautiful bowl sat down in the middle of the table or everything may be plated. I like to have a mix of shared and always personal for each guest. For example, I love to have individual little ceramic bowls filled with salt and baby spoons at each setting. It's the one little intimate thing. At the same time, passing around a side dish to keep it shared.    

The one thing always on your dining room table? A John Robshaw charger or multiple chargers one on top of another. The charger is a staple. Always red wine. 

What do you love about entertaining? The conversation that can happen at the table. Entertaining close friends. When I’m entertaining the closest of friends, the table always looks the best because I am relaxed. And playing records.

Your go-to meal and cocktail: Poached salmon in parchment paper with some kind of green and some kind of starch. Red Wine for sure but. Japanese Lady Slipper served in a martini glass. Ingrediants are Midori Honey Dew Melon Liqueur, Triple Sec or Grand Marnier, plus freshly squeezed lemon juice and a cherry on bottom, not on top!

Most fun dinner party you have ever attended: At Michael Trapp’s (@michaeltrappinc) farm house because he has the most eclectic and embellished taste but yet it feels very relaxed and inviting. The best is having drinks out on his terrace on beautiful dutch colonial teak furniture surrounded by giant agaves and grape vines growing off of a stone pergola.

Where do you love to be entertained if you are not the one hosting? Recently, we have been going to Cafe Katja on Orchard Street which has turned into a party street since outdoor dining started in NYC. They have a high-chair which is great so we can bring the baby and it’s wonderful not to clean up and just has a great vibe.

Favorite Color Combos: Colors! Orchid pink, lime green, melon orange.

Current Inspiration: Flowers, insects, my parrot turkey bird.

Favorite Artists right now: Robert Wilson, Lynette Yiadom-Boakye

Thing you are looking most forward to this Summer: Entertaining. We have a 1-year old birthday party to plan!

Rachel + John Robshaw's daughter, Regina below with Rachel's favorite from the Goldie Home Summer Collection; The Spain Napkin