welcome to goldie home

Gather in Style

Goldie Home celebrates the joyful, modern table, where connection and conversation come together with art, color, and plenty of fun.  Each design in the brand’s collection is a one-of-a-kind print created by founder Sara Roberts. The dyed patterns and watercolor paintings are vibrant and versatile—statements on their own or perfect to pair with your everyday favorites.

Whether over a large, festive meal or a weeknight family dinner, we aim to create happy, relaxed, joy-filled tables, where there’s always room for one more chair. 

Goldie Home believes life’s greatest pleasure is gathering with the people we love, so why not celebrate in style?


Sara Roberts

In the midst of 2020, Sara Roberts rediscovered her love of painting. Inspired to stay connected with those she loved during the pandemic’s separation, Sara began painting and dyeing table linens to bring joy to family and friend’s dinner tables, and soon enough, Goldie Home was born.  Named after her grandmother, Goldie stands for beauty, style, whimsy, and fun and captures the spirit of connection, bringing people together for endless laughter and too much fun.  With nearly 20 years of experience working for the world’s largest fashion media brands, Sara’s sense of personal style is laid-back, yet refined with a mix of edgy and boho all at the same. She hopes her one-of-a-kind pieces will bring something special to your home. Having moved to Manhattan after graduating university, Sara lives in NYC with her husband and two children.