At The Table With Megan Harper

At The Table With Megan Harper

Instagram: @girlgonechild_

Current Coordinates: Charlotte, North Carolina

 Vocation:  President of Community, Authentic Community Marketing

Megan with her two daughters, Griffin, the older and Goldie, the younger



Inspiration for launching your business:

I'm the president of Community at Authentic Marketing. My friend Lindsay Donnelly launched Authentic 4 years ago and I signed on with her in December 2022. Combining forces was one of the best things I've ever done. We met working at Jetblack in 2017 and stayed in touch since. She's a mom also and inspires me daily with her hustle and creativity.  


The ONE thing you always have on your dining table:

Fresh flowers from the Farmer's Market. I take my kids to the Davidson Farmer's Market every Saturday and we pick fresh flowers and local produce.


What do you love most about having friends over?

My husband says I am an excited extrovert. Hosting is one of my all time favorite things to do.

Go-to cocktail to drink or to serve: 
In my early twenties I was a bartender at famous NYC places like Pastis and Dirty French so I know how to make a killer cocktail.
I love a Negroni on the rocks and a good dry martini.
Signature meal to serve:

My husband is the chef in this house. My favorite thing he makes is a stuff pork loin with basil and gruyere. He's an amazing chef.


Music you can't stop listening to:

I'm a sucker for Lizzo. Nothing gets me in a better mood except maybe Negronis and food. I took my daughter to the Lizzo concert last year and she'll never forget it.


Current Inspiration:

My friend Patrice Poltzer is doing cool things with women business owners. She inspires me to think out of the box and to not be scared letting my freak flag fly.


You are your happiest when...

I'm traveling with my kids. I love showing them the world.


Dream dinner guest:

Neil Degrasse Tyson is probably the coolest person in the world. I have a special place for him in my heast and would give anything to just pick his brain for an hour.  


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