We believe that Art is a provocateur for great conversation. 

We believe wine spills are a sure sign of a very fun night.

We believe in entertaining in the most informal sense of the word.

We believe that weeknight dinners, dinner parties, and everything in between should be as frequent an occurrence as possible. 

We believe laughing with your family + friends over a shared meal is amazing for the soul.

We believe in always inviting friends over for cheese, wine, takeout, a home cooked meal, or anything else. Just invite your friends over.

We believe in the power of a home cooked meal just as  much as takeout (when it’s served in pretty dishes with linens to match of course).

We believe it should be mandatory to throw a dinner party every once in a while.

We believe that when it comes to setting a table, you should do it YOUR way, infuse your style, your colors, your personality into it – no right or wrong - just have fun.

We believe access to food is a fundamental right which is why we are proud supporters of World Central Kitchen.

A percentage of every item sold is donated to World Central Kitchen. World Central Kitchen, founded by restaurateur Jose Andres is first to the frontlines, providing fresh meals in response to humanitarian, climate, and community crises..

Meet the Founder

Sara Roberts

Goldie Home was founded in 2020 by Sara Roberts. Prior to starting Goldie Home, Sara spent her career working in fashion, advertising, and publishing.

During the pandemic, Sara discovered tremendous joy in gathering at the table every night with her family.  This inspired her to start making her own table linens using her watercolor paintings and dying techniques, including ice dyeing. This very quickly led to Sara making linens for family and friends and others she couldn't be with in person due to the pandemic restrictions.  Soon enough, Goldie Home was born.  Named after Sara’s maternal grandmother, Goldie is intended to represent beauty in color and sophistication in design and materials. 

With nearly 20 years of experience working for the world’s largest fashion media brands, Sara’s own personal style is a blend of New York sophistication, European style and Mediterranean color and light. Sara’s hope is that her unique, highly artistic pieces will bring something special to your kitchen and your dining room table.