At The Table with Kathryn Shah, Co-Founder of Spring & Mulberry


Current Coordinates:

Raleigh, North Carolina



Co-Founder at Spring & Mulerry, a modern food brand exploring a world of sweet beyond sugar starting with date-sweetened chocolate bars.


Inspiration for launching Spring & Mulberry:

My business partner, Sarah, and I had worked in luxury goods and consumer products for years. On a trip to Dubai in 2012, I was inspired by the way dates, fruits, and nuts were presented like candy in a chocolate box. Fast forward a few years and I was diagnosed with cancer in my early thirties, which led me to quit refined sugar and explore the healing power of foods. As food gifts arrived to my door, I realized the need for a beautiful, giftable brand made of whole, fantastic-for-you ingredients.

The ONE thing you always have on your dining table:

A small vase of flowers (not too tall so that you can see to the other side!)


What do you love most about having friends over?

I love a party theme – aperitivo, spring produce, you name it-it’s fun to think through how the food, wine, and décor tell a story. I usually opt for a potluck, and I love seeing what friends make that goes together.


Go-to cocktail to drink or to serve: 
I love Oregon pinot noir and bitter Italian cocktails.

Signature meal to serve:

I love making bruschetta with different toppings-mushroom toast, shrimp with pea puree, classic tomato. It's easy, beautiful, and snackable.


Song (or playlist) you can't stop listening to:

Anything Mia Moretti puts together.


Current Inspiration:

I'm oogling over art by Colleen Herman lately.


You are your happiest when...

I'm in flow, whether that's cooking, doing yoga, or racing down the ski hill.


Dream dinner guests:

My college friends-they know me best and I don't get to see them enough.


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