At The Table with Brittany Cooper



CURRENT COORDINATES:  35°46′55″N 78°49′12″W – Cary, NC!

VOCATION: Founder of Rathell Designs and Lead Designer/ Co-Founder of Rathell Home

WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO LAUNCH RATHELL DESIGNS?  Passion for art, fashion, and the transformative power of design was the driving force behind Rathell Designs. Growing up with an instinctive appreciation for aesthetics, I developed a keen eye for beauty and a desire to create spaces that are not only comfortable and stunning but also inspiring. After years of studying and working in interior design, fashion, and real estate, I felt compelled to channel my creativity into launching Rathell Designs—a boutique design studio dedicated to crafting unforgettable experiences through innovative design concepts.

SHARE A BIT ABOUT YOUR DESIGN AESTHETIC:  At Rathell Designs, our design aesthetic is not just about creating beautiful spaces; it's about crafting environments that harmonize with nature and enrich your experience. Rooted in biophilic principles, our approach honors the natural connection between indoor and outdoor living. We believe in seamlessly blending interior and exterior spaces to create a holistic experience that fosters a sense of tranquility and connection with the natural world. Whether it's through the strategic use of natural materials, the incorporation of abundant greenery, or the optimization of natural light, our designs seek to bring the outdoors in, creating a sanctuary where our clients can thrive amidst the beauty of their surroundings.


WHAT KEEPS YOU INSPIRED + EXCITED? For me, it's the prospect of living out and constructing the future I've always envisioned. The opportunity to transform my passion into a fulfilling profession, while leaving my mark on the world, ignites a fire within me every day. Drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature, diverse cultures, and the endless possibilities of design, I am continually motivated to push boundaries and create unforgettable spaces for my clients.


FAVORITE OCCASION TO SET A TABLE: Easter holds a special place in my heart as my favorite occasion to set a beautiful table. It's a time of renewal and celebration, and I love infusing the table with fresh blooms, pastel hues, and joyful accents that reflect the spirit of the season. You'll see some of this inspiration in Rathell Home’s upcoming spring collection launching in mid-March.


THIS IS EXCITING! The New York Botanical Garden has selected you to be one of their honorary designers to set a table for their celebrated Orchid Dinner on February 22. I am so honored you have chosen Goldie Home as an element of the design. The theme is Florals in Fashion. HOW ARE YOU INTERPRETING THE THEME? It's truly an honor to be chosen as one of the honorary designers for the New York Botanical Garden's Orchid Dinner. To bring the theme of "Florals in Fashion" to life, I'm planning to infuse the table design with an abundance of floral elements. From elegant floral vases to intricately designed napkin rings inspired by nature, I aim to pay homage to the exquisite beauty of orchids. While many of my designs typically feature classic neutral tones, I'm excited to introduce more vibrant colors, particularly through the use of florals. By incorporating our grandmothers’ favorite colors and embellishing the table with beautifully handcrafted silk napkins from our partnership with Goldie Home, I'm confident that the final tableau will be an unforgettable fusion of fashion and botanical allure.


SECRET TRICKS TO HOSTING? A highlight of my gatherings is always serving my renowned Signature Sangria—a refreshing creation that never fails to delight and set the perfect tone.


MUSIC YOU CAN'T STOP LISTENING TO: Lately, I've been immersing myself in the nostalgic melodies of 90's R&B, but Celine Dion's songs always find their way into my playlist.


COLORS YOU ARE CURRENTLY OBSESSED WITH:  Always classic neutrals infused with pops of vibrant color from nature. I love the classic elegance of Taupe, the rejuvenating vitality of Green, and the timeless sophistication of Black.


CURRENT INSPIRATION: Reflecting on my journey as a designer, I am constantly inspired by the legacy of my grandparents and the values they instilled in me. As I embark on projects like the New York Botanical Garden's Orchid Dinner, I'm reminded of their profound influence on my life and work. With each project, I strive not only to create beautiful spaces but also to build upon the foundation they laid and forge my own legacy in the design world. As I continue to grow my business and expand my team, I am deeply committed to giving back and supporting others on their journey to success. Just as my grandparents provided unwavering support and guidance to me, I am passionate about reaching back and offering a helping hand to aspiring designers and entrepreneurs. In essence, my current inspiration lies in the dual aspirations of honoring my grandparents' legacy and laying the groundwork for a prosperous future for myself and those around me.